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StarVista 24/7 Support Hotline:
(650) 579–0350
In light of the coronavirus pandemic and in the interest of public health, HAND SUPPORT GROUP MEETINGS ARE BEING HELD VIRTUALLY until further notice. During this time, HAND remains dedicated to supporting families who've experienced a loss in any way possible. You still have options for support!

1. We are offering peer support services via phone and email. If you wish to be connected with a HAND peer support volunteer, please complete a peer support request form.
2. All chapters are currently offering virtual support group meetings on regularly scheduled meeting days and times. For more information, please email

To discuss support options and for updates on support group meetings, please email and a HAND facilitator will contact you.

More Than

More than just a name, was yours Jonathan, from heaven above, its meaning, “gift of God” our son, full of love. More than just a fetus, or merely scanned as “baby B” you mean and…
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Sweet Baby Rose

so, so tiny quiet perfect baby girl. beautiful long fingers. beautiful long toes. mouth opens to say a silent hello. arm trembles as her body quietly dies. quietly dies. quietly dies. eyes never open, her…
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The hope to have a child again “When the door of happiness closes, another opens; but at times we keep looking at the closed door for so long that we don’t see the other one.”…
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