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For Friends & Family


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How Friends & Family Can Help
As a friend or relative of parents who have lost a baby before, during, or after birth, you can provide vital support. We offer these simple suggestions to help you give aid and comfort.

  • Allow parents to share their pain.
  • Listen. Don’t try to fix or change parents’ feelings.
  • Express your own sorrow.
  • Say the baby’s name.
  • Be patient – grief may last for years.
  • Stay in touch often.

About Grief

  • Grieving over the loss of a baby, before or after birth, can be as intense as grief over the death of any other family member.
  • All parents must feel free to express their love for the baby they have lost and to grieve in their own way.
  • Seeing pregnant women and babies is often painful after the loss of a baby.
  • Fathers need opportunities to express their grief in their own way.
  • Family members and friends often find it hard to talk about the baby, and inappropriate remarks may cause further grief.
  • Parents often need help in talking with their other children about the baby’s death.
  • Grandparents often grieve for their grandchild, and may find it difficult to deal with their own child’s pain.
  • Anniversaries of the baby’s birth and death can bring back parents’ feelings of grief and loss.
  • Parents who are anxious about a subsequent pregnancy may need extra emotional support.